Esky International Pvt. Ltd.

Esky International Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2019, has completed 4 times of involvement with Exports & significances from India. Esky International Pvt. Ltd. has been offering total, client driven, and moderate trading a plenitude of husbandry products also a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products, Healthcare Equipment, reproduction Jewellery, Construction Material and fabric products for youths and grown- ups. We’ve the moxie in exporting, importing, manufacturing, trading and supplying a wide range of agrarian products.

Esky International Pvt. Ltd. is known for delivering the quality services and continuously giving the pleasurable experience to our guests. Directly from choosing an item according to your prerequisite till it’s conveyed to your area, we guarantee that you get the best-fit product. We keep severe minds quality by keeping a relationship with our drovers each through the developing season and timely visits by our field officers. We accept and follow multitudinous quality checks at colorful situations beginning from original position till the item conveys to our guests.

Our experts are largely devoted in expanding our item availability to the source quality produces to make a monthly force for huge range of products. We’ve a group of educated experts who offers top quality administrations reliably with the stylish quality particulars trade worldwide at marketable rates.

We’re furnished with condition of – workmanship producing unit in- house quality critic platoon. We also have a storehouse installation as well as cold storehouse and a packaging unit for quick and effective import services.

Esky International Pvt. Ltd. engages women to work also as an imperative instrument for propelling turn of events and dwindling impecuniousness. Empowering women add to the good and profitability of entire families and networks and to bettered possibilities for the future. Esky International Pvt. Ltd. shares some donation of Profit for Child Education for establishment for their unborn turn of events, giving a solid base to long lasting literacy and literacy capacities, including intellectual and social turn of events.

Our Founder

MR. Anil Bhumkar


India has a good implicit soil for growing a wide range of agrarian Products. Indian soils are flaxen and dry in condition which contains some amounts of nitrogen which are ideal for good irrigation installations for husbandry. Sun in India is veritably important significant in factory development in the soil that the warmth and the light demanded by all growing shops are handed by solar radiation. therefore, Esky International Pvt. Ltd. is known for their huge range of Agricultural Products like Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, beats, Rice, Dals, Vegetable Powders, Herbal Powders, Spices, Lentils and numerous further.


Our Products are grown naturally with Minimum Fungicides and Chemicals. Also, we supply pukka Organic Products to the needed guests.

Since 2019, Esky International Pvt. Ltd. is into Domestics Pharmaceutical Business as a wholesaler & Distributor. Esky International Pvt. Ltd. also exports Pharma Products like All types of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Products, Antibiotics, Dental Cements and Fillings, Sterile Surgical Catgut, Adhesive Dressings, First Aid Kits, Bandages, Waddings etc to all over the world majorly in African Countries.

Esky International Pvt. Ltd. supply Pharmaceuticals Products according to the rules & regulations depending on country wise norms as per their Government policies.

Esky International is known for delivering the quality product and continuously giving the delightful experience to our clients as we are a team of Quality Experts. Directly from choosing an item according to your prerequisite till it is conveyed to your area, we guarantee that you get the best-fit product. We accept and follow numerous quality checks at various levels beginning from initial level till the item conveys to our clients. Our Export Packaging Specification varies from countries to countries. The packaging specification defines all the necessary packing levels for a product in order to handle it.

Our quick-witted product Packaging makes the product looks attractive and also save products from wrong handling and getting damaged.

Company's Mission & Vision


To promote huge range of natural and well-processed agriculture products globally and drive profitable growth through predominant client service, quality, development, responsibility and commitment. To delight our distinguish buyers; we export our products worldwide with top specialty &High quality upheld with on-time conveyance & sensible approach at (reasonable) expense prompting constantly improvement of our business measures. To partner with ranchers and clients in understanding the most elevated quality produce and benefits and accomplish maintainability in long term development. To give top notch quality, valuable &agricultural products to our clients keeping inline responsibilities concerning quality incumbency and well planned shipments and a straightforward business approach.


To introduce the entire world with Indian origin product and to be one of the global recognised Exim Company. So, our signature presence can be made in the leading companies of the world in Eximbusiness, and will always constantly moving towards the progress & development of our society To create peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees. To offer our customers, products with superior quality and sustainable value. We believe that customer loyalty &satisfaction is a key to business success. We understand that knowing your customers and their needs will help providing them with the best products and services. We also believe that providing excellent customer service, makes our customers feel valued, and assures them that we stand behind our products.